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Summer Art Camp 2023: Week 8

Henri Rousseau; Exotic Landscape, 1910

Tropical Treasures

July 31 – August 4

Did you know that French artist, Henri Rousseau, known for his bold and colorful jungle paintings, never once visited a jungle? He was inspired by books, zoos, and botanical gardens and his vivid imagination to create great works of art that featured jungles, wild beasts, and exotic people. In contrast, Paul Gauguin’s primitive art was influenced by his travels to Africa, Asia, and French Polynesia. These artists’ visits greatly influenced such notables as Henri Matisse and Camille Pissarro. Learn how to use your imagination to create works that are inspired by vibrant jungles, rainforests, and tropical regions!

Artists: Henri Rousseau, Salvador Dali, Paul Gauguin, Johanna Hildebrandt, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso.

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