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WAC Faculty & Artist: Chloe Theodosiou

Somewhere Along the Lineage, it Wasn’t a Protective Lie
Ceramic and Glass
6.5″ X 6.5″ X 4.25″

Chloe Theodosiou is a sculptural ceramicist with a background in fine arts and material engineering. Influenced by the work of constructivists and materialists, her forms are platforms for her experiments, as both her ceramic construction and glazing process play an equal part in her forms. Her current body of work is a reflection of the emotional influence, impact, and misinterpretations of nuanced interpersonal connections. She is an abstract builder who encourages her audience to trust where their emotional instincts take them. Theodosiou is originally from New York, has a BFA from Alfred University, and currently lives in Phoenixville.