wayne art center

WAC Faculty & Artist: Margaret Saylor

Armillaria Mellea
Watercolor and Graphite on Calfskin Vellum
14″X 18″

Fomes Fomentarias: Hoof Fungus
Watercolor on Paper
12″X 12″

Mushrooms and fungi have become Margaret Saylor’s signature subject. She works in watercolor, graphite, and egg tempera, foraging for inspiration in her native Berks County, Pennsylvania. Observation, good drawing skills, and enthusiasm are fundamental to any botanical painting and Margaret conveys this to her students in a fun and engaging manner. For 10 years, she has taught in person and online for many venues, including public gardens, art institutes, and botanical art societies. A working graphic designer and studio artist, she was awarded a certificate, with distinction, in botanical art from the New York Botanical Garden. Since 2013, Margaret has been the editor/designer of The Botanical Artist, a quarterly journal of the American Society of Botanical Artists.