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For the Love of Art - Philadelphia/Tri-State Artists Equity 74th Anniversary Annual Fall Juried Show

October 16 – November 11, 2023
Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Gallery

Reception & Awards Ceremony, October 25  5-7pm

Wayne Art Center hosts For the Love of Art, Philadelphia/Tri-State Artists Equity Association’s 74th Anniversary annual fall juried show in the Ethel Sergeant Clark Smith Gallery in an exhibit that features juried work created by the members of this organization. 

For the Love of Art Juror Tess Wei

Tess Wei holds a B.A. from Swarthmore College and an M.F.A from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.  She is a Philadelphia-based artist who is interested in lingering as an act of resistance in our fast, contemporary moment, and explores this through painting, photography, sculpture and video. In prioritizing the blurred and the out-of-focus, her work provides space for contemplation, (day) dreaming and rest.

Philadelphia/Tri-State Artists Equity Association

Artists Equity is a 74 year old arts advocacy organization which began as a national organization and then branched off into regional, independently run arts organizations in the mid-1960s.   Artists Equity Philadelphia/Tri-State seeks to advocate for improved policies toward artists and opportunities for artists to make and show their work. AE works to break the barriers for artists who have been marginalized or underrepresented over the years due to race, ethnicity and gender.  Visit artistsequity.org for more information about the organization and their call for submissions for this juried show.

2023 Artist Equity Artists

Sue Apter

Jean-Marie Baldwin

Sandra Benhaim

John Benigno

Priscilla Bohlen

Ronnie Bookbinder

Meg Boscov

Maureen Bowie

Ann Breinig

Leslie Brill

Ellen Carver

Damini Celebre

Yanming Chen

Jennifer Chernak

Karen Clark-Schock

Virginia Conover

Barbara Dirnbach

Laura Ducceschi

Alice Dustin

Ivy Egger

Lisa Faust

Andrea Finch

Laura   Friesel

Linda Dubin Garfield

Claire Giblin

Barbara Glickman

Susan Goldstein

Gail Gosser

Linnie Greenberg

Deborah Gross Zuchman

Bob Hakun

Colleen Hammond

Barbara Handler

David Hucker

Jane Jacobson

Gigi Janko

Duwenavuesante Johnson

Diane Jordan Bjornstad

Eugene Kayser

Armor Keller

Vera Khodakova

Gloria Klaiman

Joshua Klur

Nancy Larison

Sandi Neiman Lovitz

Barbara Machler

Jim Mackey

Julie Markoff Chapman

Merry May

Jeffrey McCredie

Denise Love McDaid

Linda McNeil

Mark Mellett

Gail Morrison-Hall

Rochelle Myers

Joselyn Ney

Sharon Ostrow

Cheryl  Patton

Jill Pearson

Doris Peltzman

Hal Robinson

John Rodgers

Keith Roeckle

Aina Roman

Barbara Rosin

Cheryl  Schlenker

Matthew Schley

Francine Renée Schneider

Elizabeth Silbaugh

Philip Smith

Peter Smyth

Alan Soffer

Libbie Soffer

Phyllis Steinberg

Candace Stoudt

Theresa Sullivan

Nancy  Tabas

Sandy  Thapsem

Meaghan Troup

Penelope Tsaltas Lisk

Pamela Tudor

Nury Vicens Rosenbusch

Meredith Wakefield

Barbara Wallace

Florence Weisz

Kathleen Wert

Nina Yocom

Erin Zahid

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