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30 Years and Still Going Strong: Nancy Campbell, Executive Director of Wayne Art Center

March 27, 2018

30-years-and-Still-Going-StrongCongratulations on your 30th anniversary at The Wayne Art Center Nancy! It must be a fulfilling feeling to look back on so many accomplishments through the years and see how far the art center has come. What brought you here 30 years ago, and more importantly what has kept you here?
I was exposed to the arts at an early age and as I became more involved in creative pursuits, I realized their importance and intrinsic value. Upon accepting the position as Executive Director of the Wayne Art Center (WAC) in 1987, I saw a rudimentary art center and envisioned the possibilities of what it could become. I envisioned something that could be built for the future when the challenge presented itself, I therefore dedicated myself to a long term commitment to see this vision through.

What has been most rewarding about working at The Wayne Art Center?
The people I have met and whom the Wayne Art Center has touched has been the most rewarding aspect of my involvement here. There have been so many talented members, volunteers, teachers, staff and artists who have helped Wayne Art Center achieve its long term goals. The biggest reward of my tenure at WAC has been helping to bring enjoyment to others and providing our community with opportunities to learn, create, and find camaraderie through the arts.

You must be so proud of the many achievements that have occurred through the
years. Is there one in particular that really stands out to you?
There have been several accomplishments along the way, overseeing two successful, multi-million dollar fund raising campaigns and building expansion projects has definitely been one and subsequently, being recognized as one of the most vibrant art centers in our region is another. Establishing a major international contemporary craft exhibition, Craft Forms, has showcased collectible museum-quality contemporary works of art to our community in December for the past 24 years. Bringing the Wayne Art Center Plein Air Festival to Wayne in May has introduced our community to an ever-changing group of national plein air artists who capture the history and beauty of our area through landscape painting.

Do you have any new plans or visions in place for the future at The Wayne Art Center?
Helping the Wayne Art Center remain relevant and vibrant in the ever changing demands of our lives and being able to move forward with the times and still remain true to our roots is of utmost importance. Through my commitment, I am thankful for the opportunity to have been able to build a cultural resource that is a viable part of the future of the arts, the Wayne Community, and the Philadelphia region.