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WAC Faculty & Artist: Stuart Shils

Sappho Visiting a Friend’s Island, Night
Acrylic Paint, Paper, Collage
11.5″ X 11.25″

Our Summer on Kasos, 1972
Acrylic on Panel
12″X 12″

Stuart Shils is a native to the northwest corner of Philadelphia and currently lives 10 minutes from where he grew up. His passion for the visual world was shaped while looking out the train windows riding the Chestnut Local through Germantown and North Philadelphia in and out of Center City as a regular activity beginning quite early in childhood. Shills shares, “The way that windows condense light into magical surfaces with almost theological presence was the seed that later influenced and fueled several decades as an outdoor painter using paint and brushes to explore the dimensionality of observation through the eyes.”

Buyers interested in purchasing work should contact Wayne Art Center at info@wayneart.org.

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