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WAC Faculty & Artist: Sasha Diehl

Epiphyllum Oxypetalum
Oil on Canvas
4’X 5′

Death’s Persistence for Life
Pencil & Acrylic on Paper
15″X 16″

Sasha Diehl is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and teaches on behalf of the drawing and painting department at the WAC. Within the classroom, her aim is to enrich each student with the fullest understanding and practice of fundamental concepts such as perspective, descriptive language, and color theory. Her personal practice revolves around the integration of masterworks, personal memories, and psychological and developmental mechanisms. Sasha is currently preparing for her next journey in the arts as she aspires to become a clinical psychologist with a specialization in art therapy.

Buyers interested in purchasing work should contact Wayne Art Center at info@wayneart.org.

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