wayne art center

WAC Faculty & Artist: Christine Stoughton

Winter Notations #1
Monotype Collage on Teabags and Mulberry
10″ X 13.5″

Burnt Wood, Microbeads, Charcoal, Graphite
40″X 30″

Christine Stoughton is a visual artist and art educator living in the greater Philadelphia area. She is a member of the Cerulean Arts Collective.
She is a graduate of Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and has a PhD from Boston College. She has taught printmaking in numerous academic institutions and community art centers and is currently an instructor of art aesthetics at the Barnes Foundation and St Joseph University.
She works both in the two-dimensional and three-dimensional realm. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally in solo and group shows.
Her belief is that art which contains an element of mystery is the art that is most engaging. She explores the concept of change and the ephemeral and references the natural world in her work. This work is strongly influenced by the knowledge gained through her experiences as a psychologist, teacher, and mother.